With well over two million Americans getting a COVID-19 vaccine dose every day, there's reason to start daydreaming a bit more about what we'll do, see, and — yes — eat once we're all able to enjoy something resembling a normal life.

If you plan on taking a vaccination vacation to Disneyland and have spent months missing out on its decadent eats, one way to rather aggressively make up for lost time is to order one new monstrosity the park serves that's been making the rounds on social media. 

What you're looking at is the Panko-crusted Pickle Dog, sold by Disneyland eatery Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs. As photos from a review over at WDW News Today points out, signs advertising the Panko-crusted Pickle Dog convey that this $13 item is fresh and made to order, though I'd contend that this corn dog cart probably has a different definition of "fresh" than the one you or I use. 

So, how the heck does this work? The clues are in the name, but here's how it breaks down: At the center is a normal hot dog. Simple enough. Somehow, though, that hot dog is then placed entirely inside a pretty big pickle. All of that is then nestled within a smattering of panko-crusted batter, because what's the point of eating a pickle-wrapped hot dog if you can't deep-fry it first? 

Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, you can dip the whole thing in peanut butter. As strange as it is, some people swear by the combination of pickles and peanut butter. I would imagine even fewer can vouch for the combination of peanut butter and pickle-wrapped hot dogs. 

Panko Crusted Pickle Dog

Before you fork over about one percent of your $1,400 stimulus check to buy one of these monstrosities, you may want to consult that WDW News Today review. While they say the dominance of the pickle taste makes it an appropriate choice "for the pickle lover in your life," the pickle and hot dog taste kind of clash with the peanut butter (shocking!), and it ultimately may not live up to the hype. 

Certain absurd food items aren't really eaten as much as they are experienced, and the Panko-crusted Pickle Dog would seem to fit that bill. If you've been waiting a year to stuff your face on something you'd have a hard time making for yourself at home, well, at least you'll probably get a good story out of this one. 

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