‘Disgusting’ passenger puts bare foot on another person’s armrest during flight

A flight passenger was left horrified after the person who was sitting in the seat behind them decided to rest their bare feet into their armrest.

A video caught the horrifying moment the shoeless passenger's toes were seen poking through the gap to the seat in front of them on the plane which was travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide.

In the video, which was posted by Instagram user Layla Vandenberg, shows a man chewing, while looking sickened by the feet that were visible beside him.

She then zooms in on the toes before the person noticed that they were being filmed and moved their foot back.

People were divided over the clip which has gained more than 5,100 likes when it was reposted by Adelaide Airport – however, most people agreed it was disgusting.

One person said: "Your worst nightmare."

Another agreed, saying: "Oh hell no." A third wrote: "Emergency exit right now."

A fourth quipped: "This is a hate crime."

However, not everyone thought it was bad as someone said: "They're cute little toes."

Another tagged a friend saying: "You would love this."

The news comes after a grossed-out plane passenger filmed a woman's feet on her armrest and claimed they had "touched her head" with their toes during the flight.

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In a video shared on Instagram by @passengershaming a woman's red-painted toes are uncomfortably close to the poor passenger sitting in the seat in front of her.

Alison Kay Bowles @alisonbowles, a New York-based model, zooms in on the feet and then explains: "I was laying down and felt this lady's feet on my head. What should I do?"

The video was "liked" nearly 15,000 times since it was uploaded on Monday (February 7) and many users had suggestions, such as "sneezing" on the feet.

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