Brit thrown around jet as it falls through sky in ‘impossible descent’
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    A young woman claims she was stuck on a horrifying flight where passengers were thrown around due to a violent storm. Estela Orts says that she felt like she was going to die during the experience.

    It occurred after the sunny island of Majorca, Spain, was hit by strong wings and pouring rain. The summer storm caused a cruise ship and freight vessel to crash, making headlines.

    The emergency services in the Balearics reported 84 storm-related incidents in Mallorca in the space of a matter of an hour yesterday, reports Majorca Daily Bulletin. These include fallen trees, flooded homes and children being rescued from inflatable rafts. Some buildings have also partially collapsed.

    Holidaymakers also claim they were trapped inside a resort as large objects were launched through the air outside. But, it wasn’t just those out at sea or on land affected.

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    Estela was flying above the Balearic Islands when the storm smashed into her plane. The performer, who stars as Captain Scarlet in the famous Pirates show of Magaluf, told the Mirror how she felt when the plane began to lurch.

    "I felt vulnerable. When I felt that we were falling sharply, I began to have an anxiety attack, my legs and hands trembled, it was a situation that I could not control, it was not up to me to save myself and it created even more anxiety," Estela said.

    "I started crying to the point of closing my eyes and thinking 'I have come so far'. It was the first time in my life that it has ever crossed my mind to think that this is it."

    She commented that at the beginning of the flight the aircraft experienced a small patch of turbulence which suddenly became much more severe. Estela said: "The plane started to fall. People and children (were) screaming, being sick, I couldn't help crying. I don't know how long that moment lasted but it felt eternal. Until the pilot managed to stabilise the plane, it was like a roller coaster."

    Eventually, the holidaymaker said that the pilot began to speak over the tannoy. They said that the plane was being thrown around by cross winds of 130km/hr that were making it impossible to land, the performer alleged.

    "Two laps around the island and it was impossible to descend. Suddenly we stopped seeing the island and started to climb. The pilot decided that the best option was to return to Alicante," she continued.

    Back on solid ground, Estela shared footage of the flight in which passengers can be seen being thrown around the cabin and screaming in terror. She added: "When the pilot managed to stabilise the plane, he was still quite nervous because it took us a long time to return to the ground. As soon as we hit the ground I could breathe easily."

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