Blue Mountains Meadow Flat becomes tourist hotspot with stunning tree-lined streets

Every year as Sydney hurtles towards summer and the sweet scent of jasmine fills the city air, one suburban street in Kirribilli turns into an Instagrammer’s heaven with visitors on a mission to get the perfect social media snap.

But as the chill currently sweeps the state of NSW and the leaves turn from green to gold, another street – some 90 minutes away from the city – has now become a new laneway for the ultimate Insta-post.

Known as Meadow Flat, the tiny town of little more than 300 residents has a side street that turns golden each and every year as the poplar trees prepare to drop their leaves for autumn.

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The stunning golden leaves against blue skies on social media has caused a flurry of social media users to visit the tiny town, taking photos before the leaves turn brown.

“The colours are gorgeous here,” one person wrote.

“In disbeleaf [sic] at how gorgeous,” another added.

The country air and open spaces have quickly seen regional areas renowned for growing canola also being bombarded with tourists hoping to get a social media snap while basking in the rolling golden fields where the flowers grow.

During spring, tourists have been jumping in their cars and flocking to places like Cowra in the NSW Central West, and Berrima in the Southern Highlands, to get their next display picture.

Meadow Flat is becoming an Instagrammer’s paradise.Source:Instagram

The golden trees against the blue skies have tourists flocking there.Source:Instagram

But farmers of the golden crops have begged visitors to take pictures from afar – because their crops are being destroyed by tourists climbing fences and trampling the flowers.

Berrima farmer Peter Brooks told the ABC in October he saw dozens of cars pull up to his farm so their occupants could take photos from the right side of the fence, however some people wanted in on the action and trespassed onto his land.

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