Kenya and South Africa are making a push for U.S. tourism dollars: Travel Weekly

Kenya and South Africa have both launched tourism marketing campaigns that are targeted specifically to the American traveler as the U.S. market remains a vital one for Africa’s sub-Saharan destinations.

Cape Town and the Western Cape launched a dedicated “U.S. Neverending Tourists” marketing campaign. Looking to attract travelers from the U.S. using the voices of U.S. expats who came to the cape and never left — a group fondly known as “neverending tourists” — the campaign features three Americans immersing themselves in the nature, culture and food and wine experiences on offer in the Western Cape. The series simply calls on viewers to come visit the destination to “Get in a Good Space.”

The digital strategy includes a media partnership with Expedia. The campaign will target source cities with direct flights, including New York, Atlanta and Washington.

Mireille Wenger, the provincial minister of finance and economic opportunities, explained how the campaign will further boost tourism numbers from the U.S.

“With the campaign set to drive increased awareness of the destination, we believe that we can expect a ramp-up in not only our visitor numbers but also in trade and investment,” Wenger said “We look forward to reaping the positive knock-on effect that this will have on our economy as we look to boost job creation in the Western Cape.”

Meanwhile, the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) launched the first phase of its global digital marketing campaign in North America to highlight Kenya’s variety of wildlife, cultural and adventure activities.

The “Real Deal Kenya” campaign, launched in partnership with media-buying travel marketing experts Dahl-Mac Group and data insights company Sojern, delivers a variety of video content and display banners to audiences actively seeking new ideas for travel.

According to CEO Betty Radier, the KTB campaign is in line with the board’s strategy of enhancing the country’s reputation as one of Africa’s top tourism destinations. Travelers will be directed to the campaign page ( on Kenya Airways, where they can access itineraries and flight options.

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