Cruise guest slammed as ‘selfish’ by wife that ‘hates cruises’

Reddit user ‘martej’ said: “My wife hates cruises but I love them. Now that I’m retired I want to see the world and I love travelling by sea.

“She thinks they are environmentally wasteful, they exploit their workers and the locals at ports of call, not to mention the crowds etc.

“I have said I would consider going solo but she thinks that it is selfish of me not to take her views seriously.”

According to a study published in Marine Pollution Bulletin, a large cruise ship can have a carbon footprint greater than 12,000 cars.

Another guest ‘Fit_Vegetable_4922’ said: “Speaking as someone who really enjoys cruising, your wife is not entirely wrong.

“It’s probably one of the most economical to pollute the planet on a large scale and the workers are notoriously overworked and underpaid.”

Cruise ship workers generally work very long hours and may have to be away from home for months at a time.

While some passengers thought the guest’s wife had valid concerns, they suggested going on the cruise solo.

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‘Celoplyr’ said: “My significant other hates travel. It is miserable travelling. Has no bucket list etc.

“I travel by myself and I love it. I go on cruises with my parents or extended family and not him. As long as both are happy with that, why would it matter?”

While solo cruises are an option, guests often end up paying a premium if they’re travelling alone.

Another passenger thought the warring couple just needed to choose the right kind of cruise for a compromise.

‘Salsanacho’ said: “Would you two consider a smaller ship as a compromise? Something like a river cruise which is less environmentally impactful and doesn’t have the ‘mob of thousands descending upon a city’ feel to it. Also get to visit smaller areas that larger ships don’t have access to.”

River cruises usually carry far fewer passengers than cruise ships and could be an option for passengers who don’t like crowds.

Guests will also have more opportunities to disembark and will be able to see the land for the whole of their journey.

River cruises generally have a smaller impact on local communities as far fewer passengers disembark.

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