Your TripAdvisor Page Could Soon Look a Lot Like Your Facebook Feed

Travelers headed to TripAdvisor’s website could soon feel like they’re scrolling through their yet another social media feed. The online review platform announced Monday it will soon offer users a travel feed with recommendations from family and friends, publishers, and influencers.

Besides seeing the reviews TripAdvisor is already known for, users will also be able to see photos, videos, and articles from their social network updated in real time. TripAdvisor’s new social capabilities will come to its website and mobile app later this year.

Users will be able to get a mix of recommendations from experts and friends and family, with videos, reviews and more. There are broad categories, like activities in Spain, and more niche suggestions like where to find the best barbecue in Nashville.

Profiles can be made private or public, and there are options to add contacts from social media like Facebook and to get suggestions on who to follow from TripAdvisor. When users find recommendations they like, they can save them.

There’s also the ability to create itineraries with TripAdvisor’s new trips feature, which will map out saved locations to provide a quick and handy itinerary.

The new additions will allow users to not only look for and get information on places they’re already interested in, but to be inspired by new content. For example, with the new feed, travelers can see reviews that contacts have left about activities. They’ll also get recommendations and info that are increasingly personalized for them, with feed content adapting over time based on searches and saved interests.

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