Will Venice Implement Fines for Sitting in Restricted Areas?

So you’re in Paris, and of course you want to go check out the spectacular light show put on each and every night at the Eiffel Tower.

Rialto Bridge in Venice. (photo via sborisov /iStock / Getty Images Plus)© Getty Images
Rialto Bridge in Venice. (photo via sborisov /iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Tourists visiting Venice could soon face fines up to €500 for sitting in restricted areas as part of widespread changes proposed by the local government to deal with overtourism.

According to Sky News, Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro pitched several different ideas to control the impact of tourism, including no pausing on bridges, no swimming in the canals, no bike riding, no feeding birds and no placing love locks on monuments or bridges.

“The aim is to create more of a deterrent to people who think they can come to the city of Venice and do what they want, not respecting the city, urban decorum and public safety,” Mayor Brugnaro told Sky News.

In addition, the proposal also includes bans on laying down on benches, climbing trees, busking, painting and all large cruise ships, which will be no longer be allowed to dock in the city by 2021.

Violations could result in fines between €25 and €500.

“The message we have to get through is that we’re not joking,” tourism councilor Paola Mar said in a statement. “If it gets around that people who do this kind of thing are fined, as well as it being flagged to their respective embassies, perhaps we’ll be able to stop others copying.”

City officials launched the #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign in the summer of 2017 that welcomes tourists, but warns them to follow the rules. In April, authorities installed temporary gates

Venice isn’t the only Italian city making changes due to overtourism, as officials in Florence have instituted fines of €500 for travelers caught eating on the streets in the city’s historic center.

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