What Travel Trends Are Your Clients Looking For?

As the New Year approaches, clients are beginning to make plans for the spring and summer travel, and it is important that travel advisors are abreast of what they will be looking for in the coming year.

Popular trends from the previous year, such as culinary travel are still among the most sought-after experiences but sustainability is also engaging the interest of clients.

‘Untouristed’ Destinations

One of the largest draws for travelers of all ages is in the coming year will be to visit places that are considered “untouristed.”

Both Booking.com’s 2020 Travel Predictions and Virtuoso’s Luxe Report call out this trend and highlight that travelers are interested in visiting lesser-known locations. Companies such as Natural Habitat Adventures are creating trips specifically focused on the experiences these clients are looking for.

Flying Less

After “flight-shaming” became a movement in Europe, travelers on both sides of the Atlantic are looking to reduce their impact on the environment by flying less. Oftentimes traveling by rail is nearly as efficient and gives travelers a sense of place more than traipsing from one airport to another.

Tour operators such as G Adventures often incorporate rail travel into itineraries, which provide savings as well as unique experiences.

Self-drive journeys are another way to incorporate travelers’ desires to visit lesser-known destinations and reduce their impact on the environment.

Off-Season Travel

Overtourism continues to make headlines in some of the world’s most popular destinations but that doesn’t lessen the desire to visit.

Many suppliers are extending peak seasons into the offseason, giving travelers the chance to travel to these bucket-list destinations when the crowds aren’t there.

Tasty Travels

Culinary travel is no longer a trend, according to the Virtuoso Luxe Report. The category is now a solid niche.

Wine tastings, brewery tours, farmers’ markets and cooking classes are easier than ever to find and incorporate into itineraries around the globe.

Enjoy the Journey

More and more, travelers are looking for ways to travel without stress.

Finding ways to improve in-flight experiences, including airport lounge access for clients and leaving plenty of time to get from one destination to another are ways that travel advisors can create a singular experience for travelers.

Solo Travel

Solo travel continues to grow but one of the hardest things that this independent-minded group finds hard is navigating experiences such as river cruises and tours where they often have to shell out more just for going along.

Travel advisors can distinguish themselves by highlighting their abilities to reduce or eliminate these single supplements so that solo travelers have better access to these experiences.

The Age of Instagram

Instagrammability is now a word and a trend, and younger travelers are increasingly influenced by picture-perfect destinations.

If you are looking to attract more Millennial and Gen-Z travelers, highlight the cool Insta-worthy experiences that are available in the destinations to which they would like to go.

Travel to Egypt

On just about every list of trending destinations this year, Egypt has made the list.

Clearly, travelers are ready to rediscover the magic of this country and taking note of unique, off-the-beaten-path itineraries in the destination is sure to pique the interest of clients.

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