What Travel Agents Need to Know About ShoreTrips

When spending time in a new destination, whether it’s a day off a cruise ship or a pre or post day in conjunction with a larger tour, it’s not always easy for tourists to decide what they’d like to do. They don’t know the must-see sites or the best restaurants to eat at.

When vacationers come to travel agents for advice, agents usually have several tour operators to choose from depending on the location. Whether it’s a short, two-hour tour, an all-day excursion or in some cases a multi-day excursion, ShoreTrips provides travelers with unique experiences in multiple destinations.

The company offers more than 2,400 excursions and activities to choose from in more than 400 different destinations around the world. Here’s what travel agents need to know about ShoreTrips:

Experienced Staff

When ShoreTrips representatives say they have an experienced staff, they mean it. Not only are they knowledgeable in the industry and well-traveled, but the team has also personally tested each tour in every destination. They’ve selected only the best for their travelers.

Both the booking representatives and destination guides offer excellent customer service, and better yet—they offer 24/7 customer support. In addition to the friendly agents, the website is also very easy for travel agents to work on, providing a pleasant experience all around.

Unique Experiences for Travelers

When it comes to clients taking the excursions, they’ll enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience. ShoreTrips uses luxury vans, and they never pack too many people inside. Everyone will have plenty of room to enjoy the activity without a feeling of fighting the crowd.

Each tour is tailored to create an exceptional experience for travelers, and ShoreTrips will pick clients up from the port off a cruise ship or from their hotel. The company has an on-time guarantee, meaning no client will be left behind during a day spent off the cruise ship.

Agent Appreciation

Tour operators often try to show their appreciation for agents. ShoreTrips always appreciates when travel agents book new clients on a tour, and in order to show this appreciation, the company offers lifetime commissions.

This means once a travel agent enters a client’s email address in the ShoreTrips system, the client is then linked to the agency for life. Agents will always receive a commission even if the clients end up booking a tour in the future on their own.

Visit the ShoreTrips website to learn more.

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