Visit Denmark Launches Course on Travel Agent Academy

WHY IT RATES: Travel agents and advisors should be adding the ability to sell Denmark to clients as the European destination continues to grow in popularity.—Donald Wood, Breaking News Senior Writer

Visit Denmark has teamed up with Travel Agent Academy, a travAlliancemedia brand, to offer travel agents and advisors the chance to become certified specialists through modules focused on regions of the country, Danish lifestyle, how to bike the nation and examples of itineraries.

Travelers are always looking for an adventure, and few destinations on earth offer as much as Denmark. From Nordic cooking to Danish Pastries to the Hygge lifestyle, the Scandinavian nation can provide a dream vacation to even the most fickle tourists.

In addition to boasting some of the world’s happiest people, Denmark is a seven-hour flight from New York City and 10 hours from the West Coast of the United States. The country has more than 4,000 miles of pristine coastline and its capital Copenhagen boasts 19 Michelin stars alone.

With the new program, agents will learn the ins-and-outs of the area, not just memorize a few key selling points. Once they complete the course, agents and advisors will become certified Denmark experts.

Travel Agent Academy is the world’s largest travel agent training platform, educating more than 100,000 agents every year. On average, 5,000 agents graduate from their chosen program per month.

To learn more about the many destinations offered, agents can visit and specialize in a destination today.

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