Travel Agents Biggest Winners During Mexican Caribbean Expo

WHY IT RATES: travAlliancemedia continues to provide travel agents with the best knowledge on how to sell their clients on Mexico – Eric Bowman, TravelPulse Managing Editor

The 2018 edition of the Selling the Mexican Caribbean Expo was a huge success.

Travel agents and advisors came out in droves as travAlliancemedia hosted a live, digital expo, highlighting everything the Mexican Caribbean has to offer, including Mayan culture, ancient traditions, nature, romance, local gastronomy and exciting adventures.

The event also covered the issues of safety and the misreporting that’s taking place in the mainstream media.

“Travelers are getting bad information, in many cases, about travel to Mexico,” travAlliancemedia CEO Mark Murphy said in a statement. “This event, as well as all that we do across our various outlets, gives travel agents the tools they need to combat this era of fake news.”

With a focus on destinations such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Grand Costa Maya, the Mexican Caribbean Expo engaged 772 unique travel agent attendees throughout the event, with 541 unique agents attending the informative and interactive webinar hosted by Murphy and Lizzie Cole, the executive director of Promotion and Marketing for Quintana Roo.

Agents in attendance also had the chance to interact and engage with hotel and resort exhibitors, with the average exhibitor receiving 400-500 unique agent visits.

“What’s remarkable about these events is how you can track the level of engagement, down to a single user, and use that data to engage them even further,” Murphy continued. “For instance, 65 percent of attendees spent more than two hours at the live event. You can’t track this activity, to this degree, in a physical environment.”

The event will be on demand for the next 365 days, giving agents who missed the live event the ability to garner as much information as possible by simply visiting. To take advantage of the opportunity, go to the expo’s dedicated webpage.

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