Trafalgar Reveals US and Canada Itineraries for 2020

WHY IT RATES: There will be a number of new offerings from Trafalgar for its U.S. and Canada itineraries, helping travelers connect to the experiences that they want. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer

Guided vacation expert Trafalgar announces new North American itineraries for the upcoming 2020 travel season. Twelve new itineraries have been added to Trafalgar’s award-winning product line up including new destinations, travel styles and in recognition of the impact of overtourism, experiences planned specifically for autumn, winter and spring (AWS) off-peak departures.

“Connection is at the heart of the brand’s new offerings for 2020,” said Trafalgar USA president Melissa da Silva. “In 2020, we’re helping guests connect to their passions and interests. It’s why we’re particularly proud of our new Southwest Native Trails itinerary, a JoinTrafalgar experience that celebrates cultural preservation by immersing guests in Native American history and culture.”

Here’s what’s new for 2020:

—Topping its new itineraries is Trafalgar’s Southwest Native Trails experience. Hosted in partnership with JoinTrafalgar, giving guests traveling with the brand the chance to become part of the sustainability solution while bettering the lives of locals and their communities, this brand-new trip is focused solely on immersing guests in Native American history and culture; taking travellers off the beaten path to ruins, dwellings, and places of great significance including monumental Canyon de Chelly National Monument and providing exclusive access to native communities and traditions across the itinerary.

—Trafalgar introduces two new travel styles for 2020; Active itineraries, perfect for lovers of the great outdoors, featuring a walk or a hike most days, with guests having the freedom to take on different trails best suited to fitness levels for their ultimate enjoyment; and State Explorer trips, offering customers a deep dive into a single state including Hawaii, Colorado, California and Massachusetts.

—Trafalgar’s popular City Explorer style trips to New York City and San Franciso get a make-over in 2020, with guests now offered ‘Daily Choice’ options, hand-selected inclusions to tailor their days expressly to their preference, along with the expert guidance of their Travel Director to bring their choices to life in even greater depth.

—Trafalgar will add a new “Be My Guest” experience—one of a kind opportunities to meet with locals over a meal—in 2020 on The Great Trans-Canadian Journe, a visit to the family-owned Okanagan Valley winery for a tasting and farm-to-fork cuisine paired with storytelling from the owners about their home and the region perfect for growing grapes.

Many experiences have been designed specifically with off-season travel in mind. With their warm days and cool nights, autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit the great deserts and national parks of America’s West for example. Not only will travelers escape the searing heat, but the summer crowds.

The timing is right because Trafalgar is also extending its National Parks offering, expanding its extensive list from Gros Morne in Newfoundland to Rocky Mountain National Park, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Saguaro, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Chaco Culture National Historic Park – the largest collection of important pre-Colombian cultural and historical areas in the U.S.

SOURCE: Trafalgar press release.

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