Top Spots for Foodies in Singapore

Travel agents often encounter clients with various types of travel styles, and they all have different interests in mind. One person may be looking for the best remote beach to visit, and another might prefer a large, vibrant city to explore. Others want to have luxurious amenities available such as an extensive spa menu, infinity pools with swim-up bars or an upgraded room.

It’s not uncommon for a client to stress the importance of good food, and this is usually at the top of many travelers’ “must-have” lists. Excite Holidays suggests planning a visit to Singapore if delicious cuisine is of interest, and the company has compiled a list of the best places to eat during a vacation to this destination.

From street food stalls and wet markets to fancy Michelin-starred restaurants, travelers will be able to try a host of different food, with both local and international flavors. So, if you have clients looking to broaden their palates, be sure to suggest a visit to Singapore.

It’s only fitting to start the list with a restaurant that was recently awarded best restaurant in Asia: Odette. This is a French restaurant located in the National Gallery Singapore, and it boasts a French menu sprinkled with local ingredients creating unique, mouthwatering dishes.

Any barbecue lovers traveling in Singapore will need to be sure to make a stop at Burnt Ends. This restaurant has wood-fired ovens and custom grills to cook meals to perfection with all the right flavors. Everyone leaves this place with a full belly.

Candlenut, the world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, is a high-end restaurant in Singapore. The food is inspired by Peranakans, descendants of Chinese immigrants, and the flavors tell the story with every bite.

For a local favorite, tell your clients to stop in the Tekka Centre. It’s a market located in the Little India neighborhood, and it offers some of the best Indian food around. There is a communal dining space where guests can eat before exploring the market.

With Excite Holidays’ Singapore food round-up, travel agents can feel confident in sharing the best places to eat with their foodie clients. Whether it’s a client with a low budget looking for affordable quality meals or high-end travelers looking for the best of the best, Singapore has it all.

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