This Andalusian Hideaway Has the Charm of a Private Retreat With All the Conveniences of a Hotel

Perched atop the verdant hilltops of La Axarquia in Andalusia is a pair of alabaster villas collectively named Cortijo el Carligto.

Cortijo, the name for a typical rural Andalusian villa, is exactly what one of the two edifices is—a quaint traditional structure comprised of two en-suite bedrooms, an extra bedroom, living room, kitchen and expansive outdoor pool. The other home, the Hunting Lodge—which has three en-suite bedrooms, a fireplace and its own pool as well—maintains the idyllic allure of the first, yet is still rendered in a chic modern style.

Both villas on this 33,000 square meters expansive estate offer the perfect retreat for travelers seeking an off-the-trodden-path getaway that still allows easy access to Andalusia’s must-visit cities of Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Seville.

With the promise of such storybook charm, it’s hard to imagine what might curtail would-be visitors from making a booking right away. And yet, it is true that one of the drawbacks of such secluded holidays in private residences can be giving up the ease and service that come with staying at a hotel. Thankfully, Carligto’s owners, Marc and Alan, have ensured that provisions are put in place for the most care-free hospitality experience.

For instance, when it comes to dining, guests can choose to cook their own meals in spacious kitchens or they can opt to book a culinary vacation which includes meals prepared by chefs. Meals range from breakfast cooked in-house to access to gourmet meals prepared by the property’s rolodex of seven chefs. These chefs, whose specialties are various enough to suit any taste, include Michelin-starred culinary geniuses.

Guests can, however, also choose a “cookery” holiday that allows for a more hands-on experience with the preparation of meals under expert tutelage. Given the rich gastronomic tradition of Andalusia, both of these experiences are not to be missed. From simple olive oil tastings to inventive multi-course meals to trying one’s own hands at the preparation of a traditional Spanish tortilla, a stay at Carligto is bound to electrify the palate as much as it does other senses.

Beyond dining arrangements, the property ensures that guests can benefit from other services they might otherwise not have at their fingertips in such isolated quarters.

Think you’ll miss the hotel gym? Never you worry. Carligto offers access to a personal fitness trainer. What about being able to make a quick call to the concierge desk at a hotel? Carligto answers that question with a luxury concierge service that can organize travel experiences you never even dreamed were possible, including access to some of Andalucia’s most exclusive cultural and culinary destinations.

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If you are looking for a holiday retreat in southern Spain that marries luxurious quietude with the conveniences of hotel accommodations, Cortijo el Carligto hits all the right notes.

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