These Are the Most Fun Cities in the U.S.

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a group of people walking on a beach

Ready to have some fun? Well, of course you are.

One of the most important criteria travelers have when choosing their destinations, besides food and accommodations of course, is whether the place they’re going to will be fun. No one ever set out on a vacation to have a dull time.

So, in order to help travelers find the most fun-packed places to go, WalletHub has crunched some numbers to determine the most fun cities in the United States.

In order to calculate the most fun cities in the U.S., WalletHub compared 182 cities across three key dimensions: entertainment, nightlife and costs. Each category had its own subcategories in which each city gathered “points” for their fun quotient. Some subcategories include restaurants per capita, beer gardens per capita, time of last call, music venues per capita, and average costs of party tickets, drinks and food, among others.

And the result? A nice, long list of amazing cities to go to. At the top of the list is Las Vegas, Nevada. This comes as no surprise since the city is practically run on entertainment.

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