The Most Outrageous Hotel Guests of 2018

Let’s just say that hotel guests around the world weren’t on their best behavior in 2018.

While we’re certain most checked in and out without incident, there was a handful who made headlines for the wrong reasons, some more serious than others.

Perhaps the most despicable guest this year was a man accused of stealing from a Toys for Tots bin at a hotel in northeast Pennsylvania. The real-life Grinch who stole Christmas was even caught on camera at the Comfort Inn and Suites near Mount Pocono.

Do you recognize this man? Hotel managers at Comfort Inn and Suites near Mount Pocono say this man swiped toys from a “Toys for Tots” bin in the hotel lobby on Saturday night. @WNEP

In November, a United Airlines pilot was removed from his duties and slapped with criminal charges after witnesses claimed to have seen him dancing and gyrating naked in the window of his 10th-floor room at the Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport during his stay two months earlier.

And who could forget the British couple that drunkenly agreed to purchase a hotel while backpacking through Sri Lanka on their honeymoon?

Some of 2018’s most infamous hotel guests weren’t even human. An uninvited bear wandered into Colorado’s historic Stanley Hotel in August, climbing over several pieces of furniture before eventually checking out on its own.

Watch video: Bear wanders inside famous Stanley Hotel lobby

Some unfortunate hotel guests were wrongly accused of outrageous behavior in 2018 and it’s always important to separate fact from fiction. Despite what some headlines may have read, you can rest assured that Toronto hotel guests did not slaughter any goats this year.

Hotel employees weren’t immune to the head-scratching headlines this year either with staff at a Jamaican resort landing in hot water after they created a disturbing effigy of a couple’s late son on his birthday.

A UK couple have been refunded the cost of their five-star holiday in Jamaica after an effigy of their dead son was created in their hotel room

Hotel guests also made some weird requests in 2018.

A recent Travelodge study turned up some truly bizarre inquiries such as “Can you fill my bath with fresh goat’s milk?” and “Can you make sure the sunrises outside my bedroom window?”

Only time will tell what wackiness awaits the hospitality industry in 2019.

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