The Bizarre Way the Queen Eats Bananas

If you haven’t come to the conclusion yet that the Queen of England is the most extra person alive, perhaps this story will convince you.

According to multiple reports, the Queen’s eating and drinking habits are a bit, shall we say, picky. She likes her gin cocktails a very specific way and banned everyone in her family from ever eating shellfish (Sorry, Meghan, no more lobster for you). And now, we’re learning, she loves to eat bananas, but not like a normal person. Instead, she goes full royal and only eats them with a fork and a knife.

We’ll just let you sit with that and imagine it for a minute.

This titillating piece of information comes from former royal chef Darren McGrady, who explained in his book, “Eating Royally,” that the Queen eats her bananas with utensils to avoid “looking like a monkey.”

According to The Sun, McGrady explained the Queen’s preferred method of eating a banana is to cut off both the top and the bottom, then slice through the skin of the banana lengthways. She then takes the banana out and chops it into small pieces, then finally eats it with a fork and knife. And if that just sounds like an insane amount of effort to eat a hand fruit that’s because it is.

McGrady further explained that bananas are one of the few starchy foods the Queen is happy to eat. Instead, she apparently eats more like a bird, digging into light meals that include grilled fish and vegetables. When the Queen isn’t dining with dignitaries and fellow royals at state dinners, McGrady said, the Queen lives by a “no starch” rule, avoiding “potatoes, rice, or pasta for dinner.”

So, if you ever dine with the Queen just remember to never ask for garlic or eat with your hands, but do feel free to ask for a fourth cocktail.

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