The Adorable Parenting Advice Jay Z and Beyonce Gave to Prince Harry and Meghan

Over the weekend, Meghan Markle took a bit of time away from her maternity leave for a much-deserved date night with her husband, Prince Harry. But, this wasn’t any old date night. This was movie night alongside Beyonce, who happened to give the couple seriously sage parenting advice.

The royal couple attended the London premiere of "The Lion King" on Sunday evening, warmly greeting fans along the red carpet. And, inside the theater, the couple also got to meet the king and queen of music — Beyonce and her husband Jay Z.

Upon their meeting, the two couples warmly hugged and said their hellos. The moment was even captured by royal reporter Rebecca English.

Their chatter quickly turned to babies, as Jay and Beyonce are parents to three adorable kids themselves.

According to The Daily Mail, Beyonce kicked off the conversation about kids, telling Harry and Meghan their new son, Archie, was “beautiful.”

"The baby is so beautiful, we love you guys,” Beyonce said, according to Business Insider.

Harry and Meghan both thanked them before Harry replied, "And how are the twins?"

Beyonce noted, "They are not here. They don't come on every trip. We left them at home. They would have loved to be here.”

Before the two couples parted ways Jay Z pulled Harry to the side to offer a bit of simple, but important, parting advice. According to Business Insider, the rapper told the Prince, "The best advice I can give you, always find time for yourself."

Beyond Jay Z and Beyonce the royals also met with more of "The Lion King" Cast and even announced a partnership with Disney and its new Protect the Pride initiative. According to Good Morning America, the Royal Foundation will help support the media company’s world-wide conversation around lion conservation. All of which sounds like a pretty good reason to get Archie a babysitter for the night.

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