Talk about an epic holiday fail

When it comes to taking a photo among the elements, on holiday, in a bikini, and attempting to execute the perfect pose – you should be prepared for the worst.

Unfortunately, this tourist visiting the idyllic coastline of Cabos in Mexico was left red-faced trying to get the perfect beach snap for her social media fans.

Instagrammer Nicole Joanna had a major holiday fail while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Picture: @neaksssSource:Supplied

Nicole Joanna, from Boston in the US, was standing by a rock face at Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas when she was caught by surprise.

But the dreamy, impromptu photo shoot didn’t exactly turn out as expected when a wave surged up the beach and knocked her to the sand.

The blonde tourist is seen bracing for impact, screaming ‘Oh My God’ before being knocked to the ground and the video cutting out.

Nicole, who has 1500 followers on Instagram, has received more than 35k views of the epic fail since uploading it to social media.

Nicole was posing for a photo when a wave hit.Source:Supplied

The American tourist was hit hard by the wave but says she didn’t receive a scratch.Source:Supplied

It’s not the first time a tourist has been captured in an awkward holiday moment.

Earlier this year, a cheeky pig got the better of an Instagram model when it bit her bum as she posed in a white bikini on a beach in the Bahamas.

Venezuelan model and fitness coach Michelle Lewin, 32, was posing for the camera in a white bikini on a beach in the Bahamas when four feral pigs came over to see what was going on.

One appeared to take a dislike to proceedings and gave Ms Lewin a nip on her bottom, causing her to let out a yell and quickly run away.

Another pig then gave chase as Ms Lewin ran towards some rocks.

The footage then cuts to the model, who is clearly shocked by the attack and shows off the bite mark.

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