Sweden's Ice Hotel Is the Ultimate Winter Wedding Venue

Everyone wants their wedding to be a cool wedding. But what about a wedding that’s so cool, it’s ice cold?

All puns aside, there’s literally no better way to have a gorgeous, wintry wedding than to exchange vows at Sweden’s famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. Nestled above the Arctic Circle, Icehotel has been a destination for both winter lovers and couples looking for a unique destination wedding for nearly 30 years.

But what makes it special besides being made of ice? Every year, new artists create a brand new Ice Ceremony Hall, plus another 35 Art Suites for the happy couple and their guests to stay in, Louise Wallin, the in-house wedding coordinator at Icehotel, said in a statement. Many of them come with private, heated bathrooms or even traditional Swedish saunas. So, no matter when you and your significant other get married, your wedding won’t look exactly like any other wedding at the hotel.

“Each ceremony is completely unique, not only because of each couple’s wishes but also because of the art that changes day by day,” Wallin said. 

Think about it this way: Are you a fan of those pretty, intricate ice sculptures you always see at fancy parties? You can get married inside one.

Artists even work with couples to create the perfect art for their wedding. 

“It was like being in your own fairy tale. The best memory from that day was when we walked in together, hand in hand, into the Ceremony Hall,” Wilfred Stijger, who married Edith van de Wetering at the hotel, said. They even made temporary ice rings to put on each others’ fingers.

Icehotel is open year-round. In addition to the 35 Art Suites created for couples, the hotel also offers 20 more ice art suites, an ice bar, and an ice gallery. The restaurant also serves Swedish delicacies, and guests can catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in the winter or take reindeer rides. The hotel hosts about 70 ceremonies a year that range from private, intimate affairs to three-day blowouts.

More information on having your wedding at Icehotel can be found on the hotel website.

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