Spot the Northern Lights in Your Pajamas From This Floating Lodge Above the Arctic Circle

Seeing the Northern Lights is on every traveler’s must-do list, but actually catching a glimpse of Mother Nature’s most spectacular show is more difficult than one may think. After all, it can involve nights of hunting for the perfect location, waiting out the weather, and hoping the sun sets off just the right magnetic charge.

But a new Off The Map Travel experience may help (nearly) guarantee visitors see those lights right from their own floating home.

The Arctic travel experts at Off the Map Travel have created a new floating lodge that will spend time just off the coast of Tromso, Norway, which also happens to be a hotbed of Northern Lights activity.

The floating lodge was created from a refurbished 1960s ferry boat and totally reimagined into a luxury accommodation. The interior of the boat is done in classic Scandinavian design and can sleep up to 14 guests in its seven bedrooms.

“The lodge offers an incredibly generous space that you wouldn’t expect from a floating lodge. It’s comfortable and relaxing, and you can choose to search out the Northern Lights indoors or outdoors as you stay in one place,” Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel, shared in a statement.

In addition to the bedrooms, the boat also comes with an open plan living room and kitchen area, two open lounging zones, and one private lounge in the officer’s cabin.

“The Arctic is a dream destination for anyone looking for a bit of adventure including a hunt for the Northern Lights,” Cooper said. “But a trip north of the Arctic Circle doesn’t mean you need to compromise on luxury and comfort. We’ve created a program for you to have it all.”

According to the company, a four-day, three-night “Floating in Tromso” itinerary will include all meals, a personal hostess on board, dog sledding, and a Northern Lights hunt. However, all programs can be customized based on travelers’ preferences and will begin at $2,429 per person (not including flights).

The dream trip is available now through March 2019, so go out, explore, and see the Aurora for yourself without changing out of your warmest pajamas.

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