Secret room Disneyland didn’t want you to know about

For a long time there was a room at Disneyland that was kept hidden from anyone who wasn’t considered a true VIP.

A two-bedroom apartment called 21 Royal was considered to be Disneyland’s most luxurious suite.

The property is hidden behind the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in New Orleans Square and was originally designed for Walt Disney and his wife Lillian to stay in, but it wasn’t finished until after he died in 1966.

There’s a secret part of Disneyland that very few people know about. Picture: Walt Disney ParksSource:Supplied

And there’s a little Hollywood history behind the gorgeous apartment. The property plans were compiled by Dorothea Redmond, who was a production designer on Gone with the Wind and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. She designed the space while working for Disney as an Imagineer.

For a long time the suite was only loaned to Hollywood A-listers. But over the past couple of years management has opened it up to people with seriously deep pockets.

The suite comes with maids and butlers as well as a valet service. Picture: Walt Disney ParksSource:Supplied

21 Royal now costs $US15,000 ($19,400) to rent for an evening. But here’s the catch: you can’t actually stay overnight in the two-bedroom suite, even at that price tag.

What guests will get for their money is a seven-course dinner for 12 guests with wine pairing, as well as backstage access to the park, a valet service and their own butler.

The suite also has a terrace where guests can watch the nightly fireworks show.

Tables are set with gold-plated crystal dinnerware. Picture: Walt Disney ParksSource:Supplied

Its interior design is based on 19th century New Orleans style and has some very subtle Mickey Mouse references that are concealed around the rooms.

Catered for by private chefs, the dinner starts with cocktails and a reception out on the suite’s patio, before heading inside to the dinner table, which is set with crystal and gold-plated crockery.

The experience includes a seven-course dinner with wine pairing for 12 people. Picture: Walt Disney ParksSource:Supplied

The website for 21 Royal reads, “The 21 Royal team thoughtfully prepares a menu that weaves together a tapestry of imaginative dishes that combine to create an experience that is uniquely yours.”

It continues, “The result is a wonderful combination of fine dining and Disney storytelling at its delicious best.”

There’s an outdoor terrace for guests to watch the park’s fireworks in the evening. Picture: Walt Disney ParksSource:Supplied

The menu for 21 Royal will be customised for each party, but there are clues to it on reviews website Yelp.

One review from user Jody C reads, “It was truly a magical experience from beginning to end. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and so worth doing, especially if you’re a Disney fan.”

Jody’s menu included white asparagus, seared Japanese Kobe beef and Dom Ruinart champagne.

21 Royal isn’t the only VIP area at Disney – there’s also a private members club called Club 33 where guests pay $36,000 a year to drink booze and listen to jazz.

The club was designed as a haven for celebs and those in the spotlight, with some of its supposed members including Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera.

While the club isn’t as secretive as it used to be, it’s a seriously exclusive affair. There is apparently a 14-year wait for membership.

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