Rock Out With These Fall Concerts at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

WHY IT RATES: Visitors can enjoy a sweet escape with friends and fill their ears with the beautiful sounds of live music this fall.—Jessica Zickefoose, TravelPulse Associate Editor

With fall looming on the Vegas horizon, the thermometer has finally stopped hitting those dreaded triple digits. Why not grab some friends and enjoy one of these top-notch, amazing fall concerts at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.


November 10—The Chelsea

It’s going to be an intense night of music when hip-hopper NF and alt-pop group Nightly take the stage at The Chelsea on Nov. 10.

On songs like “WHY,” “Lie,” and “Let You Down,” NF delves into his real-life struggles, including child abuse, anger issues, and parental loss, while Nightly’s melodic, story-driven songs are delivered with such passion and youthful energy, there’s inevitably going to be a lot of sweat and tears left on the stage when they’re all done. And probably in the stands, too.

A Perfect Circle

November 18—The Chelsea

The term “supergroup” gets thrown around a lot. The notion of taking players from different successful musical acts and putting them together into one mega-act is nothing new—it’s been happening ever since Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce formed Cream in 1966. But A Perfect Circle is different.

Formed by Tool singer Maynard James Keenan and multi-instrumentalist Billy Howerdel in 1999, the duo has become the nucleus around which an ever-shifting lineup of modern rock’s greatest players revolves, including members of Smashing Pumpkins, Queen of the Stone Age, and Marilyn Manson. As if that isn’t enough incentive to make sure you’re at The Chelsea on Nov. 18, A Perfect Circle is also bringing genre-defying rapper-producer Tricky along for the ride—and it’s guaranteed to be a wild one.


December 6—The Chelsea

Is 2018 the year of Brockhampton? It sure seems that way. The self-described “boy band” is really more of an avant-garde pop-rap collective, whose live shows feature immersive multimedia, orchestral strings, and kids generally losing their minds. The previously independent group signed a deal with RCA Records this spring, resulting in the chart-topping release of its major-label debut, Iridescence.

And last month saw the limited release of a new documentary about the group’s rise, The Longest Summer in America, which doesn’t shy away from the trials and tribulations faced by the boys throughout the year. All that is to say, anything can happen when they make their debut at The Chelsea on Dec. 6. You won’t want to miss this.

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