Qantas Airways plans NON-STOP flights from London to Sydney – and they only take 20 hours

Qantas Airways revealed that non-stop flights between London and Sydney could soon be a reality.

CEO Alan Joyce said that the 20 hour journeys may take off in 2022.

If the fast service isn’t enough to convince you to head Down Under, the swanky planes may just do the trick.

The Qantas boss added that the aircrafts may contain gym facilities and a creche to keep passengers feeling entertained and relaxed.

With their initiative Project Sunrise, Qantas are hoping to roll-out the speedy flights by 2022.

Currently, it takes a minimum of 22 hours to travel to Sydney from Heathrow.

Passengers are also required to stop off along the way, with some waiting hours for a connection.

This travel time can be significantly longer for those who depart from other British airports, including Edinburgh and Belfast.

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This Thursday, Alan Joyce revealed that technological advancements could shave two hours off the quickest journey time.

The Qantas Airways CEO told Bloomberg: “We’re now comfortable that we think we have vehicles that could do it.

“We’re challenging ourselves to think outside the box.

“Would you have the space used for other activities – exercise, bar, creche, sleeping areas and berths?

“Boeing and Airbus have been actually quite creative in coming up with ideas.

“I’m actually confident that it will get there and we will have aircraft in 2022.”

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