Playa CEO Talks Future Transformation of Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica

Playa Hotels & Resorts and Hilton won’t have to look too hard for a solid spot in Jamaica for a new all-inclusive resort.

That’s because it’s already there. Well, sort of.

As part of Hilton and Playa Hotels & Resorts’ recent event in Mexico to announce a partnership to open all-inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, TravelPulse got the skinny on plans to transform Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa before it gets added to the Playa/Hilton all-inclusive portfolio.

Bruce Wardinski, chairman and CEO of Playa Hotels & Resorts, told us about a multi-phased plan that will include a preferred guest wing at the hotel and a new adult-only section.

“The hotel is going to be reinvented and I think that it is going to be spectacular,” he said.

Wardinski told us a preferred wing will be added to the existing west building of the hotel. Included in the wing will be a new pool and a three-meal, preferred restaurant.

In regards to the cost of the project, Wardinski told us, “I haven’t priced it out yet.” But when asked if it would cost in the multi-millions, he told TravelPulse, “Easily. It’s going to be big.”

Other major additions include the addition of 44 swim-up rooms to the existing hotel, a brand new spa and fitness center, and a revamped coffee shop. The current gym on the first floor will become the Preferred Lounge.

“We are going to split up [the coffee shop] somehow and redo it to so it feels cozy and cool,” said Wardinski. “We’ll figure out retail or something in the other part of it.”

He also said there will be major improvements to the hotel’s sense of arrival.

Wardsinski said the two existing courtyards and a wall will be “built out so you’ll go into an air-conditioned lobby.” On the right side of that area, Wardinski said there will be food and beverage plans. On the other side, there will probably be two retail options, Wardinksi told TravelPulse. There are also plans for the major upgrades to the hotel’s nightclub.

Wardinski told us the next phase calls for a new-build, adults-only section.

“We bought the land next store in front of a really nice beach,” said Wardinski, “and we will build an adults-only area there .”

The first phase, the renovation of the existing hotel, will be completed by the next high season, Wardinski said. There is no time frame for the second phase.

“So, the existing hotel will be way upgraded, then you’ll have the waterpark and behind that will be the new spa and fitness center,” said Wardinski, “and that will be kind of a rival area for this other hotel, which will be adults-only.”

The New Partnership

TravelPulse was on hand last week for a press conference at The Royal Playa Del Carmen as representatives from both Playa Hotels & Resorts and Hilton revealed plans for a partnership that will produce all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Initial plans call for two new all-inclusive resorts, to be owned and managed by Playa Hotels & Resorts, to the Hilton portfolio in the Caribbean and Mexico by the end of 2018.

By the end of this year, Hilton and Playa Hotels & Resorts will introduce Hilton La Romana, an All-inclusive Resort in the Dominican Republic and Hilton Playa del Carmen, an All-inclusive Resort, adding 1,269 new Hilton guest rooms to its existing global portfolio.

Both resorts will include such amenities as expansive pools, modern guest rooms and suites, diverse dining experiences and access to some of the region’s best beaches.

Hilton and Playa Hotels & Resorts have plans to open eight additional all-inclusive resorts together by 2025.

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