Perseuss Introduces Customer Validation Service for Small, Midsize Travel Agencies

WHY IT RATES: The new fraud-mitigation tool is both quick and affordable, making it ideal for small and medium size travel agencies.—Patrick Clarke, TravelPulse Senior Writer.

Perseuss LITE, is a global fraud-mitigation tool for small and midsized travel agencies, made stronger by the combined intelligence of its participants.

As 1 to 2 percent of the booking attempts at travel agents are made by fraudsters using stolen credit card details, it is important to be able to check suspicious transactions. Perseuss LITE was designed to help validate customers, reducing chargebacks and false positives while also decreasing the number of flagged transactions that need to be reviewed manually. This will save a travel agency both money and time.

Powered by Perseuss, a leading fraud intelligence sharing platform, Perseuss LITE leverages advanced artificial intelligence to search more than 3.2 billion data elements for instances of fraudulent activity. This intelligence is sourced through a community of merchants and partners from around the world, including ARC, financial institutions, other travel agencies and airlines.

Perseuss LITE allows travel agents to search Perseuss’ collective intelligence database by entering a customer name, phone number, email address or physical address. In return, the agent receives a risk score to help make a datadriven decision to either accept or block a potential customer. The tool gives travel agents the confidence they need to accept the customers they may have otherwise rejected and to reject potential fraudsters that would otherwise lead to lost revenue and lost time.

“As fraud is not only committed at larger merchants, we are happy to also offer a tool that helps small and midsize travel agents with different levels of experience fight fraud,” states Maarten Alleman, CEO of Perseuss. “Perseuss LITE provides a quick and user friendly tool to mitigate the negative impacts of fraud, generate additional revenue from new, trusted customers and increase the profitability of their operations.”

Travel agencies can register for Perseuss LITE online.

SOURCE: Perseuss press release.

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