New Syrian Refugee Guided Berlin Tour from Contiki

WHY IT RATES: This unique opportunity for Contiki goes far beyond typical travel and seeks to provide young travelers with insight into some of the most troubling humanitarian issues facing our world today.—Mia Taylor, TravelPulse Senior Writer

Contiki, social travel expert for young people, is now taking travelers on Syrian refugee-guided trip of Berlin.

The new offering from the travel company is a move towards creating more enriching experiences for young people, focused on real humanitarian issues facing the world today.

The newly announced tour is part of Berlin to Budapest by Train, an Eastern Europe rail journey built offering unforgettable experiences and underlining a trend of young people gravitating towards more meaningful travel.

Contiki Cares, the travel company’s philanthropic initiative, has partnered with Refugee Voices Tours in Berlin for this illuminating experience.

The tour is led by Hesham Moadamani, a Syrian man who was displaced from his home country, along with 6.7 million other Syrians, and then traveled to Berlin as part of the migrant crisis.

The tour draws parallels between the dark history of Berlin and modern Syria, an eye-opening experience for many young people who are unaware of the humanitarian horrors that have occurred in Syria over the past decade and are still devastating the war-torn country.

The moving insight into the refugee crisis is just one of the many unforgettable experiences from Contiki aimed at giving young people a beyond-the-surface, conscious travel encounter.

Also, along this nine-day train journey, young travelers will drink beer at Hofbrauhaus House, a traditional German beer hall; base fly off a building in Berlin; soak in the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest; eat their way through a food tour of Vienna; and stay in Prague’s Old Town at the city’s coolest hotel.

With a major 25 percent discount offered across Contiki’s Europe trips now through October 31, Berlin to Budapest by Train is only $1,342. In addition, financing is available starting at $120 per month.

The trip price includes all transport (train and coach), an expert Trip Manager and local guides, 11 meals, all accommodation and unforgettable experiences like the refugee tour.

SOURCE: Contiki

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