Marriott International Warning Travelers of Fraudulent Calls

On Thursday, Marriott International announced it had been made aware of a series of fraudulent telephone calls using the hotel and resort giant as part of the con.

Marriott officials said scammers are making calls in different parts of the world offering a complimentary stay at one of the company’s hotel to entice the person taking the call to listen to a sales pitch unrelated to Marriott.

The practice typically includes a company’s branding to get someone to provide personal information or buy a product or service. Marriott is not working with these scammers and has provided no information to the parties involved in these fraudulent calls.

The hotel chain is warning customers who receive the suspicious calls not to provide any personal information such as credit card numbers, but instead, end the conversation and report the fraudulent call to the Federal Trade Commission.

A Marriott spokesperson said the company, “has a long-standing commitment to protecting the privacy of the personal information that is entrusted to us.”

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