Jimmy Buffett Goes 'Surfing in a Hurricane' in Most Jimmy Buffett Move Ever

If there’s one person you shouldn’t follow directions from during a storm, it’s musician Jimmy Buffett.

Yes, he can get you to Margaritaville, he can even play you a nice little tune while you’re there, but he’s a terrible influence when it comes to preparing for a hurricane.

The proof? A new photo he posted showing himself out for a surf session at Folly Beach in South Carolina just before Hurricane Florence hit.

In the caption of the post, Buffett shared a few of his own song lyrics, writing, “I ain’t afraid of dying, I got no need to explain, I feel like going surfing in a hurricane.”

A catchy song, but again, a very bad idea.

Thankfully, Buffett added some sense to his post, writing: “On a serious note – respect mother nature, please be safe and listen to your local authorities.”

Buffett was far from alone in the surf lineup. As Daily Mail noted, dozens of others took to the water at the popular surfing location to catch a few waves before the brunt of the storm rolled into shore.

“It’s an adrenaline rush,” a local woman only identified as Jenny told reporters as to why she was choosing to stay and surf instead of evacuating. “You know, you can’t control Mother Nature. She doesn’t make exceptions. And as a surfer, you never see waves this big except for during hurricanes. So it’s kind of surreal to see them here.”

As much of a rush as it may be, it’s still incredibly dangerous, no matter how good of a surfer you think you are. And that includes the professionals, like 16-year-old pro surfer Zander Venezia, who was killed in 2017 while attempting to ride the mega-swell created by Hurricane Irma in Barbados.

For the latest on Hurricane Florence, and other storms circulating in the Atlantic, stay tuned to the National Hurricane Center, and heed all of their warnings.

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