How Travel Agents Inspire Clients to Travel

When it comes to inspiring clients to book their dream trip, travel agents can go a number of different routes.

Leaning on their vast knowledge and own travel experiences, agents can motivate their clients to get out and see the world by sharing real-life stories, photos, videos and even souvenirs they’ve obtained from some of the favorite places they’ve been.

“The best thing about selling travel is all you have to do is show it,” says AGENTatHOME community member Lonie Firebaugh. “It sells itself for the most part.”

“I like to tell clients a story about a particular destination,” said Steven McCloud. “It can be a story or even that I have read about, experienced or others have encountered. I found that a personal touch can often make clients more inclined to experience the adventure.”

Other agents would agree, with many of the belief that the best way to inspire travel is by showcasing what’s possible, whether through your own experiences or those of other clients.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make sharing those travel experiences as well as helpful information about various destinations with clients easier than ever.

Agents can also present clients with scenarios to help them craft the ideal trip around their personal passions while also ensuring that money is no object.

“I always start off with a simple question: ‘In a dream world what would be your idea of relaxation no matter the cost?’ They typically would tell me about things they would do in another part of the world,” said Erica Whitmore. “I then would ask them ‘what if I can make that a reality for you without breaking your pockets with our affordable payment plans, etc?’ After saying that they usually are ready to book. Most customers don’t know the power we hold as agents.”

“Present a plan that won’t abruptly put a dent in their financial plans but allow them to graduate to bigger vacations,” added Dedra Macklin.

While agents stand to learn a whole lot about their clients by asking the right questions, clients themselves are likely to gain valuable inspiration from their own responses.

“Ask lots of questions,” says Bruce Fischler. “Continue to aid them in increasing their level of passion and emotions towards their travel and destinations and activities.”

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