How Travel Agents Can Score More Sales During the Summer Season

You’ve made it through the hectic Wave Season and your Q1, and you’re finally starting to catch your breath. Maybe you’re even planning your own vacation for the summer season but don’t relax too much just yet because summer is a critical time to get your business to the next level to meet your annual goals.

It’s likely you won’t be making any major sales since most of your clients will be traveling, but this is an excellent time for housekeeping and renewing your intentions and goals for the next six months.

Here are five strategies you can implement in the summer to increase your sales for months to come (and allow you to relax on a summer vacation!).

1. Sponsor a Local Event

It seems like there’s an event or parade every weekend in the summer, and your business can benefit. Check out sponsoring a small booth at a parade or a neighborhood block party to get yourself in front of more people. A neighborhood event, while smaller, is a great way to really establish yourself in the local community. The more people who know what you do and why you do it, the more likely you will see referrals and a return on investment.

If you do score a booth, make sure you have a detailed follow-up plan – such as setting up a giveaway contest in exchange for email addresses. Before the event, write 2-5 emails explaining who you are, what your business does, and the types of trips you book. Schedule and send them as follow up after the event so that way, the new people you met will get to know your business and develop a sense of trust. You never know who will reach out!

2. Send a Gift to Your Top 20 Clients

The easiest and most cost-effective way to grow your business is to tap into your current client list for referrals and repeat business. While maybe you send gifts throughout the year, or perhaps you send one big gift during the holidays, I’d recommend scheduling something for the summer.


Every business sends out a holiday gift or greeting (seriously, even my dentist pops into my inbox) but how often do you hear from businesses in the summer?

Send a customized handwritten note with a small branded (or customized) gift to show your clients you are thinking of them, value their business and opinions, and ask for a referral.

It’s a more relaxed time of year, and a gift is more likely to be noticed and appreciated than during the hectic holidays.

3. Promote Shoulder Season Savings

Sometimes acquiring new business can be as simple as saying, “Hey, there’s a great deal!” If you’ve done your job qualifying your clients and getting to know their travel bucket list, then summer is a perfect time to reach out directly and pitch them a trip idea for the more affordable off-seasons.

Your regional sales rep can help you put together a list of promotions in savings for the fall season that you can promote to your clients in the summer for last minute getaways.

4. Get Back to Routine

Q1 and Wave Season can feel completely overwhelming. Be honest, how many nights did you stay up working until 12, and how many times did you forget to eat lunch these past few months? It’s understandable that other parts of your business tend to fall to the wayside when your income is tied to your sales productivity but to hit your business stride, you’ll need a more holistic approach.

Since the majority of your clients will be traveling during the summer months and not yet requesting new trips, this gives you time to step back, evaluate the past 6 months, and renew your goals for the next 6 months.

Take a look at what was causing you inefficiency and put better systems in place so you can concentrate on finding new clients and making more money.

Choose one target goal per month this summer season to grow your sales. It could be anything from growing your email list to being more consistent in your marketing channels to bring in more leads.

5. Follow Up

As mentioned before, most of your clients will be traveling during the summer season, but it gives you a perfect opportunity for more sales.

When are clients most responsive and excited about traveling again? Just after they come back from their amazing experience on a trip!

Your follow up is key in the summer months – it’s good to get their attention before they head back to work or school. Get them on the phone, send them a gift card, ask for feedback and referrals – do whatever you have to do to get them thinking about booking their next trip and promoting your agency (it’s free if they do it for you!).

Though I’m sure you’re tired at the halfway point of the year, gather your energy and implement these strategies to see your business grow in the summer months.

Have you had something that brought you more business during the summer season? Share your tips in the comments below!

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