Hawaii’s Heat Wave Is Breaking Record Highs

Part of what makes Hawaii so great is its warm, temperate weather — daytime temperatures typically average between 78 to 85 degrees. However, this spring has been off the charts — literally. In May and June, a Hawaiian heat wave has led to record-high temperatures across the state.

This week, the weather service recorded a high of 91 degrees in Honolulu, which broke the 1995 record of 90 degrees for the date, the Associated Press reported. In Kahului, a high of 92 degrees tied a record set in 1969.

Each of the seven days prior also saw temperature ties and record highs. And for the month of June alone, the Honolulu Star Advertiser said that as of Wednesday, there have been 18 temperature records either set or matched.

But for locals, June’s heat streak was nothing new.

In the month of May, an additional 27 records were either set or matched in Honolulu, Kahului, Hilo, and Lihue. In Kahului, the thermometer reached 96 degrees on May 22 with temperatures hovering in the low- to mid-90s during the month. Maui has seen 18 record-setting or record-tying days since May 16, including a reading of 96 degrees on May 26 at the Kahului Airport, according to officials.

Hawaiians and visitors may see a break in the 90-plus degree weather this weekend with the National Weather Service currently showing a slightly cooler forecast of 89 degrees and isolated showers for Saturday and Sunday.

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