G for Good Projects Empower Women Around the World

On International Women’s Day, there’s no better time to celebrate innovate ladies around the globe, and there is no better way to highlight their achievements than to look to the tourism industry where women are making their mark on making strides by innovating in their local communities to lift themselves and their families up.

Purpose-led adventure travel company, G Adventures is devoted to the support and promotion of women’s tourism initiatives, and the tour operator incorporates these “G for Good” initiatives into its itineraries. For example, visitors to Nepal have the opportunity to engage with the Sisterhood of Survivors (SASANE).

The program has helped more than 3,500 women and welcomed more than 1,600 visitors. The project is based in Kathmandu. Nepal is a major hub of human trafficking where as many as 7,000 women are taken from the country and made to engage in forced labor or brothels in India.

SASANE was formed to combat human trafficking, empower the survivors of this abuse and break the cycle of corruption in Nepal. The women are trained to work as paralegals who then assist victims and serve as their first point of contact at police stations. The organization also educates rural communities about the dangers of human trafficking to help prevent future abuses.

The organization has also trained 43 women in tourism, and the money that is earned through engaging with visitors goes to support the costs of SASANE’s other programs.

Travelers on G Adventures trips to Nepal have the chance to take a cooking class, have lunch and see a presentation about the organization.

Ten sisters have been trained to be tour guides, which further sustains the organization.

SASANE plans to expand its tourism outreach and open up tourism to rural villages at-risk of trafficking as an alternative source of income.

The organization has been recognized for its efforts and was honored by the United Nations, winning the World Tourism Award for Excellence and Innovation in Non-Governmental Organization in 2016.

The Sisterhood of Survivors is just one of the G for Good initiatives available to travelers. This Women’s Day, the tour operator is welcoming four new ‘G For Good’ projects to its tours.

Tribal Textile is a new G for Good endeavor in Mfuwe, Zambia. The project is aimed at providing rural communities with more opportunities for income.

Visits to the community-run fabric workshop, cafe and hand-painted textiles market are offered to G Adventures’ 18-to-Thirtysomethings traveling through Mfuwe. Its more than 100 staff members are all female and over 1,500 community members benefit from the project.

The Lusumpuko Women’s Club is located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The group of 20 women offer cooking demonstrations and farm-to-table meals for G Adventures travelers visiting Victoria Falls. The group was formed to raise chickens and provide catering services for local groups. With the help of G for Good, the group now welcomes 1,800 G Adventures travelers who visit the famous falls each year.

Also in Victoria Falls is the Princess Sewing Cooperative, a group of 10 professional women who offer laundering and tailoring services for G Adventures guests coming to the area. Extensive business training, grant making and lobbying efforts prepared the women for the influx in business from G Adventures customers, and the women can now afford to pay school fees for their children and achieve the financial freedom that enables them the chance to continue their own education.

In Kayabwe, Uganda, there are approximately 130,000 children under the age of 14 living with HIV in the country and they need support, medical care and education to help them live long healthy lives.

Travelers with G Adventures come to the AidChild’s Equation Cafe & Gallery to enjoy paintings and crafts made by local artists and share a Ugandan meal.

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