Dublin May Not Have Enough Hotel Rooms by 2020

Dublin tourism has a tricky problem to solve by 2020. Apparently, they’re going to have a shortage of over 1,000 hotel rooms.

Despite plans to open 5,000 more hotel rooms in the city, Fáilte Ireland says it won’t meet the expected demand by 2020. Just last year, the city lacked spare hotel rooms during 40% of all nights.

Fáilte Ireland CEO Paul Kelly said: “There are about 5,000 new bedrooms coming on stream which is great news but we think in three years’ time we’re still going to be about 1,100 bedrooms short in hotels in Dublin.”

Dublin is estimating 9.6 million overseas visitors by the end of the year. Fáilte Ireland hopes to have a 5% growth in tourist numbers in 2019

Kelly said, “There are many challenges ahead. The return to the 13.5% VAT rate will be a significant commercial challenge for tourism businesses, and the resulting upward price pressure could damage our international competitiveness.”

“Similarly, Brexit and the potentially wide-ranging implications it may bring pose a major challenge for 2019.

“However, despite these challenges, there is still lots of cause for optimism in the sector; continued long-term global growth in tourism; new market opportunities; our industry’s excellent international reputation; new accommodation capacity and tourism attractions coming on stream; increased government investment in the sector and, critically, further improvements to direct air access forecast for next year.”

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