Disconnect from the Digital World at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

WHY IT RATES: Hotel Xcaret Mexico provides everything guests need via wristband so they can leave their belongings in the room. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

With offline becoming the new trend, Hotel Xcaret Mexico proves to be one step ahead of the rising trend. For guests seeking the ideal destination to detox from the virtual world, this 900-suite property offers thrilling adventures and culturally-driven experiences that guarantee an off-the-grid vacation, through the simple use of an All-Fun Inclusive wristband.

“People are beginning to realize that sometimes there’s a need to disconnect in order to reconnect with what truly matters,” said David de los Santos, Commercial Hotels Director for Grupo Xcaret. “That’s why at Hotel Xcaret Mexico we pride ourselves in being leaders at curating unique experiences that not only lead guests to keep Mexico in their memory, but allows them to cherish true organic moments they create during their stay, without relying on electronic devices.”

Upon check-in, guests are given waterproof wristbands with an adjustable strap that not only work as a room key but also serve multiple functions to eliminate the need of carrying basic day to day items such as phones and credit cards.

Throughout the property, guests will find strategically placed cameras with a design inspired by traditional Mexican art sculptures known as alebrijes, made to capture unique moments during their vacation. While exploring Hotel Xcaret Mexico, guests should look for these hidden treasures that can be found within caves, at the clear glass bridge in Casa Fuego’s rooftop pool and in other unique locations.

Vacationers can simply scan their wristbands and pose for the picture-perfect moment. All photos are collected and synced to guests’ respective rooms, allowing them to scroll through the images when tuning into channel one. For guests interested in purchasing photos from their trip, they’re given a link to a website that has their pictures easily available for download.

Through this offering, Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s goal is to ensure guests are always present in the moment and can fully cherish every experience made during their trip.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico understands that avid travelers are inclined to use digital wallets or mobile payments for safety purposes or simply to avoid carrying excessive documentation. That’s why, as part of the hotel’s commitment to cater a carefree stay, credit cards can be linked to the wristbands, allowing guests to experience the property’s extended offerings with a simple tap.

Whether visitors are looking to dine at the hotel’s renowned HA’ Restaurant, overseen by Michelin starred chef Carlos Gaytán, splurge at the several souvenir shops found throughout the property or enjoy the treatments offered at Muluk Spa, Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s wristband guarantees a seamless vacation for all.

Also included in Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s All-Fun Inclusive concept, visitors are granted complimentary admission to Grupo Xcaret’s nine adventure parks and tours, some of which offer similar features found at the hotel. For instance, hidden cameras are also present throughout selected parks, aimed at automatically snapping everlasting memories.

During an eventful day ziplining through the Mayan jungle or driving amphibious vehicles, guests are bound to get hungry. For a quick energy boost, visitors can use the same wristband given at check-in to easily pay for food and beverages at selected parks without carrying their wallets. After an adventurous day, hotel guests can wind down and access the images in the comfort of their own suite.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s All-Fun Inclusive package allows for an effortless experience connected with reality that ensures the return of its valued guests.

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SOURCE: Hotel Xcaret Mexico press release.

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