A Hotel 'Breakfast Bandit' Is on the Loose in Georgia

One of the frequent benefits of staying at a hotel is the free lobby breakfast. Although it may just be a bowl of cereal, croissant, or a waffle from the griddle, it’s a nice perk.

Admit it. We’ve all wondered how easy it would be to wander into a hotel, dine on the free breakfast and then dash before anybody noticed. But one man is actually out doing it, and proving that it’s probably a bad idea.

Police in Dalton, Georgia, are searching for a man they’re calling the “hotel breakfast bandit,” WRCBtv News reported.

The man has been wandering into chain hotels and stealing things like plastic silverware, shampoo and towels, in addition to the free buffet breakfast.

Earlier this month, the man wandered into a Holiday Inn Express in Dalton. He ate from the free breakfast bar in the lobby and began wandering the hotel halls. He was spotted by security, and after being approached by the general manager of the Holiday Inn, the man said he was “just checking how easy it is to get into hotels and get free stuff.”

“I think he knew. This hotel is known for its breakfast,” Cecy Lagunas, front office manager at a Holiday Inn Express in Dalton, told WRCBtv News.

A few days later, the man showed up at a Quality Inn. He snuck into one of the hotel rooms as it was being cleaned. The day after that, he wandered into a Super 8 and told the front desk he left his cellphone in his room. They said they would call police if he stayed.

So far, the man has not been spotted at any other hotels in the area.

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