5 Tips to Help Travel Agents Turn Social Media Connections into Sales

It’s not enough to just post to social media.

While posting to social media is a great thing you can do for your travel business, it can’t stop there.

To start, if you’re not managing your social media accounts through Agent Studio’s Integrated Social Media, you’re wasting precious and VALUABLE time. Make sure you’re managing your social media presence with Integrated Social Media, as it allows you to centralize all of your social media interactions, schedule posts, track engagements, and respond to posts all from one place.

Integrated Social Media makes is super easy to promote your Agent Studio website on social media, but social media is rapid, fast-paced, and personal. This means that while your posts can be scheduled well in advance, your responses cannot be.

When somebody replies or comments on one of your posts, it is critical to be there to respond within the first few hours, dare I even say minutes. Here are 5 tips that will help you turn your social media connections into sales.

1. Start by turning your notifications on for your business accounts.

This will give you instant updates directly to your phone so that you can reply the moment somebody reaches out to you. When somebody comments on one of your posts, it means they are ONLINE and INTERESTED. In a few minutes, they could have already moved on to the next social media site. Don’t lose them.

2. When you respond, keep it personal.

Don’t throw out marketing slogans or generic answers. Just be yourself! Your authenticity is going to be the way you build trust, even through a screen. If somebody has a question that is generic, it doesn’t hurt to add in a “Hey there!” or a “Let me know if you have any other questions :)”. Any form of this will make you feel more down to earth. There is a huge movement in marketing to be REAL, so keep it that way in your communications.

3. Follow up when necessary.

A great way to communicate after initial interactions is to direct them to private messaging. If you have more than 2 or 3 comments or replies running back and forth, just say, “Hey, let’s pick this up in a DM!” or “If you private message me your email I can send you tons more info on this.” This allows you to extend and build the relationship and gets you one step closer to locking down a conversion. If you can get an email address, you’re able to add them to your list in your Marketing Center and solidify a longer-term relationship. Be creative, but guide them to something private where you can address their needs 1-on-1.

4. But don’t be a pest.

At the end of the day, nobody likes annoying people on social media. Don’t pester people if they don’t reply. Avoid any Twitter arguments and have a plan in place for when things go south. Social media can be a difficult thing to navigate but it is an incredible tool for leads.

5. You’ll learn over time.

The more you participate on social media and stay active, the more you will learn. Trust me, consistency is always the key to success. Add your accounts to your Integrated Social Media, reach out first, and reply to comments once a day. Building social media into your routine can have major returns on investment.

And really, if you aren’t using our Integrated Social Media feature, will you even have the time to snag leads? Probably not. Hook that up today!

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