World’s most powerful passports for international travel after COVID-19 – UK rank revealed

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Passports are a vital tool for opening up the world of travel. Though all passports are travel documents, it seems some allow for easier global exploration than others.

New data, taken after the dawn of the coronavirus pandemic, show that some passports allow holders more freedom than others.

Many nations require certain visitors to obtain visas to travel. In some cases this is after a certain amount of days, meaning certain visitors can stay visa-free for a limited time before entering.

In other cases, holidaymakers must obtain a visa before they descend on their destination.

However, certain countries are selective about which travellers are required to hold a visa, and which are not.

Using this data, experts from UK-based travel via consultancy Visa Genie have found which countries allow for the most freedom of movement, as well as which countries are the easiest and hardest to travel to.

It turns out, though the UK is a nation of travel enthusiasts, it is not the easiest countries to jet off abroad from.

According to the research, when it comes to ease of global exploration, the UK ranks at 31.

In fact, travellers from the UK can only jet off to 41 countries without requiring a visa at some point.

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A further 73 nations allow Britons to visit without a visa for a limited number of days.

For example, this could mean holidaying for 90 days without a visa before being required to apply for and pay for a visa.

The data shows that 47 countries now as UK passport holders to require an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) prior to arrival.

Luckily, these electronic visas are easy to obtain.

Furthermore, some nations actually offer free visas for holidaymakers.

So which nations ranked above the UK when it comes to visa-free travel?

Topping the list was Singapore, with 63.1 percent of all travel reported as being doable without the need for a visa.

Singapore passport holders can travel to 125 nations without requiring a visa in advance.

Following Singapore were Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Not only is 60.6 percent of all travel from these nations doable without a visa, but there is also much more freedom of movement for citizens.

Across the board, residents of each of these nations can enjoy free movement between 38 countries.

Also in the top ten were Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Citizens of Austria can enjoy free movement to 39 countries.

They can also enjoy travel to 119 destinations without the need to purchase a visa in advance.

The same goes for Belgium and the Netherlands, however, they only enjoy free movement between 38 nations respectively.

Other passports deemed “stronger” than the UK passport include Spain, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Italy and The United Arab Emirates thanks to their visa-free allowances.

Of course, there were also some nations where travel is a little bit harder.

Countries bound by more stringent visa requirements include Yemen, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.

Ranking as the least powerful passport, however, is Iraq.

According to the data, Iraq passport holders may only enjoy visa-free arrivals in four countries.

Furthermore, they are unable to enjoy free movement outside of their own country.

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