‘World’s first glacier bar’ opens in Arctic Circle – and you can visit

You can never have enough ice when making a stiff drink, and thankfully, there's plenty of the cold stuff surrounding this one of a kind bar that's set to open this October.

Reyka Vodka is throwing open the doors of the world’s first bar that sits on top of a glacier, located in the very heart of Iceland.

Travel lovers will certainly be keen to make the visit to this one of a kind destination in the Langjökull Glacier, and we're betting the drinks cost less than most nightclubs in the UK too.

For those curious, the pop-up bar can be found at 64.565653°N, -20.024822°W.

However, don't bother popping the address into Google Maps, because it's about 1,200 miles north in the Arctic Circle, and we doubt you local Uber drivers will be willing to do a drop-off.

Even so, the bar is only open for a short window of time, so if you're keen on visiting you'll have to get your (ice) skates on fast.

The pop-up bar will only be open for business for five days this October, from 16th to 20th.

Thankfully, Reyka Vodka are offering the chance for intrepid travellers to visit, simply by signing up on the drink specialists website.

Those lucky enough to visit will travel across massive glaciers and spot psychedelic nocturnal auroras and unicorn whales on their journey.

You also won't have to worry about the bar running out of drink, because Reyka Vodka isn't just made in Iceland, it's actually made from Iceland!

According to the brand, the drink is made using glacial spring water that runs through a 4,000-year-old lava field in Langjökull.

Very swanky.

If that wasn't quirky enough for you, the drink also used lava rocks to filter the vodka.

For added charm, it's also made by Master Distiller Thordur Sigurdsson, who doubles up as the local fireman and policeman.

We'll go out on a limb and say that firefighting probably isn't the most essential job in the Arctic Circle, so we imagine he's had plenty of time to really perfect his vodka distilling craft.

All the more reason to visit in our eyes.

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