Woman’s hotel hacks you should do – from intruder checks to removing pillows

An air hostess has shared her tips on what jet-setters should look out for when staying in a hotel.

Kat Kamalani, from Salt Lake City, Utah, US, gave out several handy hacks on TikTok to tell her followers that they should follow them every time they check into a hotel.

In the clip, she starts off on the issue of personal safety.

Kat stands in a hotel lobby and says: "First thing first, never say your room number out loud – just in case there’s anyone around.

"You don’t want them knowing where you’re staying."

As she walks down the corridor, she continues: "Always make sure there's no one behind you when going into your room and check if there's anybody in the room, behind curtains, under the bed etc."

She also reminds viewers to double-lock the door.

The 30-year-old then moves on to address the cleanliness inside the room – from checking bed bugs to luggage storage.

She says: "Next, you want to make sure for bed bugs, so check on the corners."

Kat, without any evidence, then bizarrely tells people to take "off any top pillows or comforters because they never wash those".

"Next, never put your bag on the bed," she added. "It's been through the airport and it's disgusting."

If you stay in a room where there is no mini-fridge, Kat suggests asking the front desk to bring an ice bucket so that you can keep the food chilled.

The self-help hack video has racked up more than 4.9 million views since it was posted by Kat on Monday.

Some people found it useful for tourists travelling alone while others weren't so sure.

One viewer said: "Great tip for women travelling alone!"

"No one listens to me when I say don't put your suitcase on the bed so thank you for saying it," a second added.

A third wrote: "I travel for work and all I want to do when I get to my hotel is jump on the bed and turn on Netflix."

A man who claimed to working in hotels, though, criticised some of Kat's claims.

"I work as a cleaner in a hotel and I can tell you, we do wash comforters [duvet] and pillow cases," he said.

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