Woman slammed for ‘rude’ act on plane but some think people are being dramatic

Anyone who has flown before knows that some things are inescapable – the loos will always be busy, people take their shoes off and someone snores like a chainsaw.

But, for the most part, passengers try to muddle along for the duration of the flight without too much disruption.

Many holidaymakers aim to be polite for the few hours they need to.

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However, one tourist was recently slammed on social media after their “rude’ actions were captured in a snap, reports the Sun.

On Reddit, a holidaymaker shared a photo from a recent flight showing a fellow passenger had used a large black seat cover to protect them from the airline chair.

But, the unusual habit meant the passenger behind them could no longer see their TV screen, meaning no access to in-flight entertainment.

Posting the snap, the passenger, whose wife was the one left without the TV, wrote: “I guess no entertainment for my wife on this flight.”

Many commenters on the viral thread were enraged by the cheeky behaviour.

One person said: “Flip it back over the lady’s head.”

While another added: “Blows my mind how someone can do that, while realising they have a TV/touchscreen in front of them and not think about the TV that’s on the back of their own seat.”

However, not everyone agreed with the man’s point and some thought he was being dramatic.

One person said: “I’m sure she put her jacket on the seat without really realising it would block the TV.

“All you have to do is kindly ask her to move it and she will.”

Another agreed: “She could also say something. Chances are the person didn’t think about it.

“Most people are decent about stuffs like that.”

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Another frequent flyer claimed that they’d experienced a similar issue.

However, the person in front had refused to move their jacket.

He said: “Solution was speaking to the flight attendant. She went and spoke to the senior attendant who then dealt with the issue.

“Not long after, same issue again. I was bumped up to business class.”

What’s the most annoying thing that’s happened to you on a flight? Tell us in the comments…


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