Why travelers don’t value their time – and what it means for your next vacation

How valuable is your vacation time? That can be a difficult question to answer, even for someone like Mike Golpa, a busy dentist from Las Vegas.

“I have taken longer flights and endured longer stopovers when I’ve had the time,” he says. “When I don’t have the time, I’ll pay the higher fees and go with the shorter wait and better use of my time. I prefer to go slow and relaxed than to feel rushed and harried.”

All travelers must make that determination – time or money? The reason: Online travel sites promote deals that suck time and resources from your trip. These include flights with long connections or circuitous routings involving multiple carriers, and hotels located so far away from your intended destination that you might as well stay home.

There’s a reason these offers are appealing: Travelers don’t value their time. Last year, the annual Allianz Vacation Confidence Index concluded that about half of working Americans would accept a job with no vacation time in exchange for more money.

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