Why Calpe is a fantastic year-round destination

From its soft sandy beaches to dreamy sunsets and unspoilt coastline: Why Calpe is a fantastic year-round destination

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There is a sun-kissed corner of Spain that is perfect to visit any time of year. Fringed by golden sands, overlooked by the majestic limestone Rock of Ifach, laced with hiking trails and liberally sprinkled with mouthwatering seafood restaurants, Calpe has it all.

This charming beach town is nestled within the vineyards and mountains of Spain’s Costa Blanca, a historic fishing village that has never forgotten its roots. There are Roman ruins, sweeping bays and miles of hiking trails, cycle paths and hidden coves, all decorated with an abundance of fauna and flora, It makes for a tempting Mediterranean escape.

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Dreamy holiday setting: Visiting Calpe, on Spain’s sunny Costa Blanca, has never been easier

There are self-catering apartments, budget-friendly three-star hotels or luxurious four-star options if you want to treat yourself. Jet2holidays also makes life easier by flying into Calpe’s nearest airport, Alicante, from 10 UK airports.

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So who should book a holiday to Calpe? Sporty types will love the outdoor activities, families can splash in the crystal-clear, shallow waters and couples can enjoy the romance of fine dining and moonlit strolls along the coast. 

In Calpe, everyone will find what they’re looking for. So why wait?

Seasons in the sun

Overlooked by the imposing Rock of Ifach, the gorgeous sweeps of golden beaches surrounding this charming town are a sight to behold. The entire coastline is dotted with secret coves, high limestone cliffs and hidden beaches, so whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation in the sun or an adventure with the children, the shores of Calpe have something for you.

The main ribbon of golden sands is Playa de la Fossa, with its gently lapping waters, while the cove of El Raco is a haven for marine life at the foot of the Rock of Ifach. There are 14 beaches to choose from, so you’re never short of choice.

Imposing landmark: The Rock of Ifach overlooks the resort and can be seen for miles around

Take to the trails

Calpe provides the perfect excuse to get out and about with a network of footpaths and hiking trails that cling onto the coast or head off into the mountains.

A climb up to the peak of the Rock of Ifach will reward you with slightly sore muscles and an incredible vista of the whole Costa Blanca coastline, a wonderful early morning activity as the sun illuminates the golden sands and lush palms.

Cycling is another popular hobby in Calpe, with many professional teams choosing the ancient seafaring town as a base for their pre-season training. Wend your way through verdant scenery, climb into the hills, or head along the coast with frequent beach stops.

Whether you’re walking, running or riding, the peaks and troughs of this coastal region will tire you out just in time for a nice cold beer on the ever-open terraces.

Feast for the senses: Calpe is a foodie heaven, with delicious local specialities rich in seafood

A heaven for foodies

Calpe is proud of its seafaring history, and the impact this has had on its character and cuisine becomes clear with a visit to the old port and market. There, you’ll experience a real traditional fish auction, the results of which you will find on your plate with a trip to one of the outstanding seafood restaurants in the area.

Head over to any of the local establishments to taste traditional specialities such as llauna de Calp, a delightful dish made with potatoes, fish, and tomatoes; or Arros del Senyoret, a fresh seafood paella. If you’re ready to push the boat out, you can even eat at Beat or Audrey’s, two of the Michelin-star restaurants in the area.

A step back in time

The Iberians were the first to arrive in Calpe, followed by the Phoenicians and then the Romans, all finding in the soaring Rock of Ifach a golden opportunity to survey the land, protect against invaders and keep their people safe.

Today, you can trace the town’s ancient history in the evidence that these civilisations left behind. The Romans’ stay in Calpe is perhaps the most noticeable, especially the ancient Queen’s Baths. These ruins lie in the shallow waters, gently lapped by the Mediterranean waves.

Living history: The old quarter of Calpe is enclosed by the ancient city walls

Traditions abound in the quaint seaside town. Festivals and cultural activities such as the June beachside bonfires of San Juan and the Moors and Christians festivities, celebrated noisily with fireworks and wonderful costumes in October, make your trip exciting whenever you want to visit.

Adventure on the water

For the more adventurous, Calpe offers an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of watersports. On the calm waters, you try your hand at paddleboarding through the gorgeous bays and around the rocky outlets.

Snorkelling is another popular pastime; this region of the Mediterranean has an abundance of interesting and colourful marine life, so make sure you have your GoPro at the ready.

Calpe is also a perfect place to dive. Just 10 metres beneath the surface of the water, on the slopes of the magnificent Rock of Ifach, you can find the amazing underwater world of Calpe. 

These ancient limestone foundations are home to octopus, moray, grouper and bream, and are a delight to explore with any of the many diving tours or schools found in the town.

Get active! Hiking is a popular activity in the area around Calpe – enjoy the clean sea air!

The jewel of the Costa Blanca

On the impressive Costa Blanca, Calpe lies twinkling in the sunlight year-round, thanks to its microclimate and over 3,000 hours of sun every year.

Whether you are looking for relaxation on the beach or adventures in the water, walking routes through the foothills or fine dining in the sun, Calpe is the perfect destination for you.

Jet2holidays makes it easy and stress-free to book your holiday to Calpe to enjoy the incredible vistas, fascinating history and delectable seafood cuisine. Simply plan how long you want to visit, choose from the great accommodation on offer and don’t forget to ask your in-resort Customer Helper for their insider tips to make the most of your stay. 

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