Where to Find Art from International Artists, Ceramicists, and Photographers Online

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We’ve been staring at the walls of our homes for nearly a year now, made slightly easier by the inspiring, colorful art hung there; pieces that offer a jolt of energy or just a few moments of escape. Finding the right piece of art can be overwhelming, and even more so when you’re looking to buy art online: Etsy, Society6, and the like offer pages upon pages of prints, posters, photos, and digital downloads—all with little info on the artists themselves. Using a more curated site, like the ones we’ve collected below, can whittle down the options to the best of the best, and give you insight into the artists’ lives and inspiration. Here, you’ll find sites that highlight African diaspora artists, Japanese ceramicists, and photographers from around the globe—and a few of our favorite artworks, too.


Launched in 2016, BetterShared highlights emerging artists from across Africa and its diaspora, including those in the Caribbean, North and South America, and Europe—and ships to just as many destinations. The site features unframed prints that start at $75, all the way up to original hyper-realistic colored pencil work for just over $1,000.

‘La Terre Rouge/Batela’ by Neals Niat

$565.00, BetterShared

Niels Niat is a Cameroonian-French artist now based in Belgium whose recent collection of colorful paintings and illustrations showcases the love stories of three couples. The reddish backdrop of this particular painting was inspired by the red earth of Bangangté, Cameroon.

‘Powerless God’ by Hugo Mendes

$151.00, BetterShared

Mozambican artist Hugo Mendes works primarily in black and white and this piece, titled Powerless God, draws inspiration from traditional African carved masks, according to Better Shared.

Paper Collective

If you’re looking for a poster or series of works from a single artist in your home, Danish company Paper Collective is a go-to. Primarily showcasing Nordic and European artists, the site offers prints in sizes ranging from 11” by 17” to 27” by 39” (standard poster size), and ships worldwide. (Bonus, shipping is a flat fee, so you can order as many prints as you’d like for the same delivery price.)

‘Alphabet Spaghetti’ by All the Way to Paris

$60.00, Paper Collective

Despite its name, All the Way to Paris is, in fact, a Danish-Swedish design studio located in Copenhagen. Their ABC posters are perfect for a kid’s room, and each individual letter poster comes with a word that starts with that letter, listed in different languages. The “N,” with translations of “noodle,” is a particular favorite.

‘Blomst 05/Petrolium’ by Uffe Buchard

$49.00, Paper Collective

Floral stylist is just one of many hats for Uffe Buchard, editor in chief of DANSK fashion magazine. This vibrant poster—one of many in Buchard’s floral series, which was photographed by Michael Rygaard—will brighten up any room.

Tappan Collective

A site dedicated to highlighting up-and-coming artists, Tappan Collective sells prints, photographs, sculptures, and drawings from artists spread across the world. While based in L.A., the collectors pull from artists all over the world, including many who are now based in the U.S. after growing up and developing their artistic style elsewhere. Most of the work available on the site comes in multiple sizes, with an option to be framed.

‘Inclusive Wave’ by Bella McGoldrick

$375.00, Tappan Collective

It often takes Australian colored pencil artist Bella McGoldrick some 60 hours to complete a piece, due to their intense detail and photorealism. This print is part of a series the artist created after a road trip through the U.S., where she picked up old tickets, antiques, and knick knacks from shops and friends along the way.

‘Houses of Individuality 02’ by Jan Prengel

$350.00, Tappan Collective

Perfect for anyone who is looking to travel from their living room, German photographer Jan Prengel’s work focuses on colorful architecture, like in this shot of Burano, Italy, just outside of Venice. You can also find work from his trips to Marrakech and Lisbon at Tappan Collective.


Many go-to art sites are Danish, and Yonobi is no different. But unlike the others on this list, it sells ceramic objects, like nebulous vases, candle holders, centerpieces, pitchers, and more. While you’ll primarily find Nordic artists featured on the site, you can also buy from Japanese, Taiwanese, and Australian ceramicists. When you’re traveling again, know that Yonobi offers throwing and sculpture classes for would-be artists in both Danish and English at its Copenhagen studio.

‘Hang Down’ Reflect To Reset Plate by Yellow Nose Studio

$110.00, Yonobi

Taiwanese duo Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung, who created Berlin’s Yellow Nose Studio, crafted wire figures from a live model and pressed them into white clay to create these raw-edged plates. The small batch on offer would look great as a collection showcased on a wall using plate hangers.

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