WATCH: ‘Wasted’ plane passenger dragged off flight after trying to remove his trousers

An American Airlines flight was disrupted on Wednesday when a plane passenger became “unruly.” A shocking viral video from the scene captured the man’s disorderly actions. The USA flight from LA to Chicago was forced to make an emergency landing in New Mexico.


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Law enforcement met the plane and boarded the aircraft to arrest the young man.

A witness passenger described him as “wasted.” She claimed he kicked seats and “hit” a member of cabin crew.

He is also said to have attempted to take his trousers off.

Flier Crystina Poncher took to Twitter to share her experience of the flight and said he had been travelling with his girlfriend.

The reporter for ESPN tweeted: “We just had to land the plane in New Mexico to remove an unruly passenger.

“He was wasted, kicking the seats, hit a flight attendant. Took his pants off.

“They just found an empty handle of Jack Daniels by his seat.”

Footage of the plane cabin captured the moment the disruptive passenger was led out by authorities.

He can be seen (and heard) swearing and is escorted off the aircraft by two men.

The passenger proceeds to spit at the passenger filming the incident as the trio make their way down the aisle.

Multiple American Airlines travellers were said to have missed their connections as a result of the disruption, said Poncher.

She added: “I hope the guy that caused all this drama spends at least tonight in jail.”


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An American Airlines spokesperson told “On January 15, American Airlines flight 967 from Los Angeles to Chicago diverted to Albuquerque due to a disruptive passenger.

“The flight landed safely at 2:56pm MT and taxied to the gate.

“Law enforcement met the aircraft, and the flight re-departed at 3:58pm MT.”

Viewers took to social media to share their opinions on the video of the man.

One person was baffled as to how he managed to get the opened bottle of Jack Daniels onto the plane.

Poncher replied to the post with: “That’s what everyone on the plane was wondering.”

Another woman said to be on the flight claimed the flier’s girlfriend warned passengers “his mom would sue.”

Under measures introduced last year, any alcohol purchased at airport duty-free needs to be packed into a sealed plastic bag.

These special bags are branded with the instruction: “Do not open alcohol purchases until your final destination.”

Plane passengers will be unable to open them, as only scissors or knives could cut through, both of which are banned from hand luggage,

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