WATCH: Terrifying turbulence causes unfortunate aftermath for flight attendant

Passengers who fly frequently have probably experienced their fair share of turbulence in the past. It’s usually nothing to worry about and doesn’t last long. However, in rare cases planes can find themselves in the centre of intense turbulence. A passenger video posted to Instagram shows the chaotic result of one such incident when a cabin crew member faced a messy aftermath.


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The flight was travelling from Orange County to Seattle when it ran into trouble.

The video, posted by an Instagram user who goes by the name @combat_learjet (originally sourced from @PassengerShaming), shows the situation unfolding in the economy cabin of a plane.

It seems turbulence unexpectedly struck in the middle of the foodservice, throwing the cabin crew into the air.

In the video the trolley, which carries meals and drinks for passengers, has been thrown down the cabin, it’s content spilling out into the aisle.

Seated passengers can be seen leaning over the armrests, trying to collect items from the floor and aid in some form of clean up.

The cabin crew member in charge of the trolley is hidden from view, presumably behind the cart.

According to the video’s caption, the flight was operated by American airline Delta and was forced to make an emergency landing.

The caption states: “Flight experienced ‘severe turbulence’ and was forced to make an emergency landing in Reno. Three people were taken to the hospital due to injuries.”

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The video has sparked an outcry from shocked travellers who are now urging others to always follow the advice of crew and wear their seatbelt when told to.

“The crew isn’t advising you…to wear a seatbelt to be an A*****E.

“It’s to ensure your safety! I’ve said it here multiple times, and get the ‘oh it’s fine’ response — after which I explain that I was a flight attendant for seven years and have experienced this,” states the caption.

Meanwhile, a user in the comments wrote: “Thanks for this eye-opener.”

Another added: “I hope this never happens when I’m in the lavatory.”


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Among the viewers were those who found a silver lining in the situation.

“Starts stuffing snacks and drinks into my carry on,” joked one commenter.

Another added: “I would have helped my self to about eight of those Jack Daniels laying there.”

Though passengers should always wear their seatbelt when told, it should be noted that this type of turbulence is very rare.

Airline pilot Patrick Smith revealed the truth behind the phenomenon, saying that turbulence should never concern fliers.

“In all honesty, passengers should never worry about turbulence,” he told

“The aircraft is designed to take the stress and strain of turbulence. For example, it’s like designing a car with good enough suspension to drive over a rough surface road with potholes.”

Turbulence is measured in four levels: light, moderate, severe and extreme.

The definition for severe turbulence says the “aircraft may be momentarily out of control.”

Extreme turbulence is defined as “turbulence in which the aircraft is violently tossed about and is practically impossible to control. It may cause structural damage.”

Experts say that it is very rare that a passenger will experience the latter.

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