WATCH: Terrifying moment Ryanair passengers groan and retch in Storm Dennis turbulence

A Ryanair flight was heavily buffeted by extreme turbulence as it flew through Storm Dennis at the weekend. The plane was en route from Oujda, Morocco to Brussels, Belgium. Shocking footage was filmed from inside the cabin, capturing the terrifying episode.


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The video from the Ryanair flight shows the frightened reactions of the fliers.

They can be be seen gripping onto the headrests of the seats in front in alarm.

At one point the camera jerks violently to the side suggesting a heavy bout of turbulence as the plane jets through the unrelenting storm.

The Ryanair passengers are heard crying out and even praying they’re so afraid.

Some can be heard struggling with nausea as loud retching noises are recorded in the footage.

Fortunately, the flight arrived safely in Belgium without any problems.

However, it arrived as Storm Dennis blasted the country with wind gusts of up to 62mph.

No Ryanair crew members or passengers were injured during the course of the flight, despite the heavy turbulence.

Plane passengers are often deeply concerned at turbulence and believe it could end in disaster.

However, a pilot has pointed out that many people’s conceptions of turbulence are “definitely wrong.”

Pilot Patrick Smith offered the clarification in his book Cockpit Confidential.

He explained that while turbulence can make it feel like the plane is dropping “hundreds of feet” at a time, it actually isn’t.


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“People have a habit of embellishing even the basic sensations of flight,” the pilot wrote.

“They can’t always help it – nervous flyers especially – but the altitudes, speeds and angles are perceived to be far more severe than they really are.

“During turbulence, people sense that an airplane is dropping hundreds of feet at a time, when in reality, the displacement is seldom more than ten or twenty feet – barely a twitch on the altimeter.”

Turbulence is caused by different masses of air colliding at different speeds and directions.

And, according to a pilot, turbulence should never concern plane passengers at all.

“In all honesty, passengers should never worry about turbulence,” the aviator told

The aircraft is designed to take the stress and strain of turbulence.

“For example, it’s like designing a car with good enough suspension to drive over a rough surface road with potholes.”

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