WATCH: Plane passengers baffled as flyer does this VERY weird move

Flights can see plane passengers passing the time in intriguing ways – and this traveller was no exception. An Instagram video shared by account passengershaming has captured their bizarre mid-flight activity. Rather than sitting in their seat or walking around the cabin they appear to be performing exercises. The flyer – wearing trousers, socks and sandals – was filmed by a fellow passenger in the seat behind.

Flights: Instagram baffled as plane passengers does this weird feet exercise in viral video

Only the lower half of the person can be seen – but it’s what their legs are doing which is so strange.

The passenger repeatedly lifts their legs high into the air as they sit sideways across two seats.

They lift them so high up they touch the top of the plane cabin before bending them back again.

The footage shows nothing else so it’s not known if anyone interrupted the flyer or what the response on board was.

It is presumed they were doing the exercises in a bid to keep healthy during the flight and reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

The traveller might look bizarre and comic to fellow flyers but in fact they could be being quite sensible.

“Our bodies are under more pressure and blood flow can be restricted if we are stuck in the one position for too long,” Joan Murphy, fitness expert and co-founder of fitness brand FRAME.

“Your blood absorbs less oxygen due to air pressure in the cabin which can cause headaches, sleepiness and can play havoc with our emotions leaving us feeling anxious.”

There are a more subtle stretches you can do if you’re worried about circulation during a flight.

One move is the Seated Twist. “Take a seat, place your feet flat on the ground in front of you, hip-width apart,” advised Joan.

“Keeping your chest proud and your shoulders away from your ears start to twist to the right and bring your gaze over your right shoulder. Take your left hand and hold on to the side of your right thigh, use it to leverage you deeper into the twist.

“Make sure to keep both hips looking forward and your glutes planted into the seat. Take five deep breaths here and release. Repeat on both sides and feel free to do more than one set.

“This move is great for cleansing and rinsing out your organs, which can get clogged when your sitting for hours.”

Instagram viewers were entertained by the clip but many said they weren’t offended as the flyer was wearing socks.

The same cannot be said for two passengers who were snapped sitting in their seats with their legs high in the air and resting on the headrest in front.

To make matters much, much worse, both flyers in the Instagram video have removed their shoes and their bare feet are sticking up for everyone to see. 

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