WATCH: Mark Murphy on Dominican Republic Tragedies, New Cuba Travel Restrictions

Travel expert Mark Murphy appeared on Fox 29 Philadelphia Wednesday morning to discuss some of the recent headlines impacting the world of travel, including mysterious deaths and other troubling incidents involving American tourists in the Dominican Republic.

“The State Department put out a Level 2 advisory [for the Dominican Republic], raising it from Level 1. But pretty much most of the world is on a Level 2. Literally, parts of Philadelphia would be that,” said Murphy.

“Level 2 basically means exercise caution. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, don’t wander around. A lot of these places are great destinations because they’ve got great beaches, etc. But, take Punta Cana, it’s behind a security gate and it’s patrolled so if you leave that area and go out on your own to hang out in a local area, you’re putting yourself at risk.”

Later, the TravelPulse founder and CEO chimed in on the new Cuba travel restrictions imposed by the Trump administration this week.

“I understand the geopolitical reason that they’re trying to put pressure on Cuba to get out of Venezuela but they’re affecting thousands of people who have planned, in some cases for years, to go on this great experience,” he added. “They’re already redirecting the cruise itineraries. But a lot of people will book that cruise ship and that itinerary because it’s Cuba so it just stinks.”

You can watch Murphy’s appearance on Fox 29 Philadelphia in its entirety below:

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